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Turn to the sound that rings about
The trees that follow through the window
To the world out looking in
The smell of smoke mixed with my sin
What is that sound, what is this place
I do not know where I am now
But I can hear out through the window
Something that I’ve never heard before

Colors dance all around
Dancing to the suffering song
Creatures gaze as I walk
Down a pathway lined with graves
What is that, down the road
Shining like a dewdrop gold
Calling me, beckoning
Past the blood stained window

Fire burning
Ice is melting
Glass is breaking
I am almost there
Please wait for me
I am coming
Jumping out of
The window
Makers of the colors as they dance all about the streets and city lights come back to life as the song plays on and on.
People pause as they pay tribulation to the daughter of time asking if the world will end anytime that the message sends it word
Cries and laughter act as incense before the deity of madness craning up towards the darkness wondering if the sky is falling
Covet the world as it is now the sound of the choir it rings out before everything that we hear is not our own.  
Struggles as the march goes on before the dawn the night is our secret home that the demons cannot find as long as we’re here
Propose to the next creation story the new redemption of humanity
Question the faults in the ways that the world turns upon its axle in the black
Run far away, it’ll never catch us as we fly into the vastness of the twilight
Haunting melodies follow behind us veiled in sorrow we are freedom from the false angels of deathly white
The castles of gold are filled with sulfur lining the walls and lighting their torches
The real world is just behind the shadows
Come follow me into the forest, I’ll show you something you have never seen
Something the people who control you hate with all their being
Come, don’t look behind you, their eyes they strain to contain you
I can free you soon, follow
Join me and my covenant to the being who can save you
You will never be alone, you will always be loved
This is our home, our family
Come, make it a reality
Come, follow me
Come, hurry please
Come, be free
Come, follow
Lesson of mortal as given by people
The conquest of ages can only done now
Seeker of lies that is lurking yet undisguised
Want of a better morning is all it is

Separation of the chaos
Bringing forth the demons of the evening
Gold and ashes mingle at the throne
Of the king of envy and pain
Walls of paper lined with sketches
Telling stories of the past
Leaving nothing to assume
It reveals all it knows to you

Tragedies and comedies and all things in between
The playwright has just begun its list of memories
The artist continues to paint away
The canvas is vast and always ready

Pieces fold into themselves and create new things
Colors spring forth out of nowhere
The energy dashes like lightening
But the sounds you never hear

But how is the mind like a room made of parchment?
With marks in the fabric recording its journey
Yet fragile it covers itself with an army of lies
Afraid of what may be read on the inside
1.They are here
What do I do, what do I do?
Just blend in
Like you always do

Don’t speak up
Then you will give it away
The thing that you try so hard
To keep under wraps

R. Look around, they don’t understand
How hard it is to be like them
What their world does to someone like you
And how people love to hate

So hide behind some empty promises
Bar you windows, lock your heart
Put up your walls and all your defenses
But leave one door ajar

2.Smile, act like you care
You remember what to do
Practice what you have learned
From watching the world go by

But don’t get too comfortable
There’s always room for error
One wrong move and it’s all over
You’re walking on pins and needles

R. Look around, they don’t understand
How hard it is to be like them
What their world does to someone like you
And how people love to hate

So hide behind some empty promises
Bar you windows, lock your heart
Put up your walls and all your defenses
But leave on door ajar

3.Now you’re alone in your sanctuary
The only place that isn’t scary
Where there are no eyes to see through all you lies
Where you can freely fantasize

They do not know, that you cannot read them
That you have already been beaten
Wait in the dark, curl up into a ball
Try to forget about it all
And face the door you left ajar

R. Look around, they do not understand
How hard it is to be like them
How hard it is to try and blend in

Why do people love to hate
Why am I beaten for being different
I cannot read you, I cannot get you
The world scares me so much, I’m shocked into silence

So I hide behind my empty promises
Bar my windows, lock my heart
Put up the walls and all my defenses
But I left one door ajar
Hot coals spreading all over the pathway we walk everyday, can't you see that this not a dream
It's reality

For the Angels are arsons with wings made of gold
And secretly telling what shouldn't be told
The world doesn't sleep but it's certainly gone
Manifestation of everyone's wrong

And the blindness spreads like a flame in a field
Covering glass with paper Mâché
We run like fire towards what we want
To be set apart


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Ronnie Castillo
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
HI, I'm Ronnie. I'm just a hobbyist writer that started when I was in middle school and have recently come back to Deviantart. I'm a relatively shy person who finds enjoyment in writing about human nature and emotion. I'm also a composer who is trying to start a music career in spite of my engineering background. I find it hard to communicate with people face to face, so I take my poetry and songs as my form of communicating through the world in my own way. I hope that whomever finds my work enjoys reading them.

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